The most advanced dental implantology

Restore your missing teeth and smile with confidence again

Implants provide an effective and lasting solution to tooth loss. It is a procedure that has both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Dental implant surgery in Paris

The dental implant serves as the root of the missing natural tooth. Its main role is to act as the base on which to fix the prosthesis, which will replace the crown of the tooth, giving it that aesthetic and natural appearance by which it is characterised.

It comprises of a screw, usually made of titanium, which is inserted into the jawbone through surgery. Once this has been done, the wound is left to heal so that it integrates correctly with the bone, becoming fixed and offering a safe, lasting and comfortable solution to missing teeth.

The duration of dental implants, once osteointegrated in the patient’s mouth, depends on several factors. Even so, according to several studies, we can affirm that the useful life of an implant can reach up to 20 years. This depends on both the quality of the treatment and the maintenance that is carried out by the patient.

Premium domestically manufactured dental implants

The dental implants we work with at our clinic are of national technology and manufacture. At Dr. Varea’s clinic we only work with top-of-the-range and local materials, collaborating with a prestigious Parisian prosthetic laboratory.

Your smile and your well-being, in the best hands

The placement of an implant and its definitive prosthesis is a process that takes several months. Dr. Varea will be with you every step of the way, accompanying you and making sure you feel cared for and safe. Your well-being is always our priority.

What are the consequences of missing teeth?

Several functional and aesthetic complications can occur due to missing teeth.

Functional consequences

Speech problems, as certain phonemes may not be able to be pronounced correctly.

Complications when chewing, causing the stomach to have to make a greater effort to digest the food as it has not been correctly chewed. This can result in further consequences, such as wear of the remaining teeth due to overworking.

If the missing tooth is not replaced in time, loss of the jawbonecan occur.

Teeth tend to move when there is an empty space. This results in dental malocclusions, i.e., incorrect alignment of the teeth.

Aesthetic consequences

The smile is affected, which can lead to complexes and affect the self-esteem of the person suffering from missing teeth.

In addition, the loss of jawbone causes facial featuresto become deformed.

When are dental implants necessary?

It is essential to resolve all dental losses that occur, benefiting both oral health and the aesthetics of the mouth.

Before performing the intervention, Dr. Varea will carry out all relevant diagnostic tests, enabling him to determine your condition and adapt the treatment to your needs.

The placement of dental implants improves the quality of life of patients. We accompany you throughout the process by providing you with everything you need to feel comfortable and safe.

Make your first appointment: we will help you get your smile back

During your first visit, we will get to know your wishes, your personal and medical-dental history, and collect all the necessary information to  ensure that the procedure is a success and that it meets your expectations.